"Victoriah Bech has the biggest heart. She's cares like a real mother! My experience staying at "Find a Purpose" has been great. Everybody is Friendly and the house crystal clean ."

"This program has offered me many opportunities to help me get on my feet and make a difference; not just for myself, but for others as well. This program has helped all walks of life and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for the next step in their journey"


"Staying here at "Find A Purpose" and being a part of the mentorship program taught me a lot of things. Specifically, I gained life skills, especially relating to my passions: recording and filmography. Also, on a personal level I learned how to cook and manage my time. Most importantly, I learned new ways to navigate life. The house is also very clean and the residents are great." 


"Even the small details and activities that I maybe didn't like before, like fixing my bed can feel good and healthy here. The people are nice and there’s a lot of good food. The hospitality is great and because there are so many different people, I hear different perspectives while still being able to come together and find common ground."